Physio continues…

So I think I have been super diligent in my crochet physio… I’ve been doing it every day, and I’m feeling much improved!

As an added bonus, I have created a whole heap of new, beautiful things!

This is Quinn ~ Isn’t she just adorable!?!?!

I modified this pattern: to make Quinn and I made a crochet scarf and tail bow for her too!

The bow pattern I got from this YouTube video from Pinterest:

For the scarf, I just made a chain the length I wanted and then placed a single crochet around the edges (up the long, across the short back to the beginning) and then put a little fringe on it. There are plenty of other ways to make toy scarves, Pinterest if your friend! haha 😉

Her super cute tail bow is removable!


I also tried my hand at some play food! My 4yo son LOVES these!

Doughnut pattern:

Ice cream pattern:

Hungry? Rainbow Doughnut & Ice Cream!



I had time for a Mini Mermaid too!

Mini Mermaid

This Mini Mermaid was a little bit confusing with the translation but easy enough to follow (just open in your browser and translate the page)


In yellow:

  1. 10 sc in a magic ring.
  2. * 5 ch, in the 2nd stitch from the needle of 1 sl st, in the following 3 stitches each 1 sc, 1 hdc and 1 dc, skip 1 sc and fasten with 1 sl st in the next sc space. *
    Repeat from * to *  x4.
  • sc = single crochet
  • ch = chain
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet

(Written version amended for an English understanding)

Starfish pattern


And lastly…. I started on this mammoth floor rug using t-shirt yarn!

THIS one has been a bit more challenging on my wrist, and thus, has taken longer to complete than I would’ve liked! Slow and steady and all that!!! 😉 😀 But it’s looking good and feels pretty sturdy and the t-shirt yarn is soft but weird to work with! 😉 haha (the first time I’ve worked with t-shirt yarn)

T-shirt Yarn Floor Rug in progress!

I used this pattern, which is pretty simple!

After round 6, I just continued the pattern by increasing the “dc in next 4 dc” to a 5 dc, then 6 dc etc each time I started a new round.


So it looks like crochet for everyone for Christmas this year! 😀 😉 hahaha

If you have any questions about this post, please feel free to ask and I shall try my very best to answer or point you in the right direction! 😀

Happy Creating!


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